Duster 3000 Downdraft for Body Shop

Designed, Engineered and Proven in the Body Shop Industry since 1992

ICA Duster 3000

The Duster 3000 Downdraft is used throughout Canada, the United States, Japan, and since 2001 expanded into Europe and Russia. It is approved by GM and Ford, and is used in their facilities to remove harmful airborne contaminants found in dust when sanding old paint, rusted metal and fillers.


  • Independent and Franchised Collision Repair Shops
  • New & Used Car and Truck Dealerships
  • Approved by GM and Ford - Dealer Equipment Programs
  • Custom Car Shop – Foose Design and Unique Performance
  • Classic, Antique and Muscle Car Restoration Shops
  • Vocational Technical Schools
  • US and Canadian Military

How It Works

Duster 3000 downdraft functioning in a body shop


  • Energy Efficient – economical to operate
  • Mobile - easily moved to where it is required
  • Efficient use of production floor space
  • No ventilation or makeup air required
  • Powerful motor re-circulates air at over 3,000 cfm
  • Operates on standard 110 Vac power
  • No assembly required - delivered ready to use
  • Easy to replace multi stage filters
  • Captures particulate down to 3 microns
  • Efficiency - 98% Average Dust Spot Efficiency
  • Quiet operation (67db, conversation level)
  • Lightweight and mobile (181 lbs / 84 kg)
  • Small foot print (6.5 sq. ft. / 0.60m3)
  • HazLoc Class 1 & 2 certification assures worker safety and insurance compliance
  • Two light safety warning system provides visual status of machine and the filters for necessary action to be take by operator


ConstructionUnit body, double zinc coated sheet metal, gray powder coat finish
CastersHeavy duty urethane swivel wheels
Weight Net 181 Lbs (84 Kg.) Gross shipping wt. 320 lbs (145 Kg.)
SizeBase, 30" x 32" (0.8 m x 0.9 m)
Foot print6.5 sq. ft. (0.60 sq m)
Height8’-6" (2.6 m) clear to top of plenum
Length11’-10" (3.6 m)
Electric Motor1-1/3 HP, 110Vac, 12 amps, 1 Ph explosion proof,thermally protected
ElectricalCSA HazLoc certification to Class 1, Div. II, Group D and Class II, Div. II, Group F and G Sealed components for Hazardous Location (Hazloc) operation
OptionsTwo (2) light safety operating system CE Electrical setup for 220 Vac Truck plenum extension